If You Look For Bad, You Will Find Bad in Each Person

Parable for The Stolen Ax

Parable for The Stolen Ax

The Stolen Ax

We often blame and judge people based on assumptions, rumors, or just our own negative thoughts. And when we focus on them, not only do they turn out to be accurate, but they reach enormous proportions with unpredictable consequences. Therefore, before condemning the person next to us, it is best to first soothe the demons in our heads. Because if we look for the bad, we will surely find it.

Think about your friend and the things you believe they have done. Are they really true? Do you know the whole story? If the answer is no, read this next parable

If You Look For Bad, You Will Find Bad in Each Person

One day, a working man got up in the morning and as usual, set out to do his work in the yard. When he went to get his ax, he found out it was gone.

He searched everywhere- the whole yard, the house, the animal buildings, but the ax was nowhere to be found.

“It’s gone! Somebody must have stolen it! Who could it be?” screamed the man, “It must be someone who had entered my yard yesterday…” thought the peasant.

Then, suddenly, he remembered: “Yes! Yes, I know who did it! It must be the neighbor! Ne came yesterday to give me back the bucket I had lent him. No one else came. Shameless man! I helped him, and in return, he stole my ax!”

The same day, as the man was passing his neighbor’s house, he noticed that his ‘friend’ was acting very strange. He was very focused on his work in his yard and did not even look up to greet him.

“It must have been him! He feels bad now and doesn’t have the guts to look at me.” the peasant thought.

The next day, both men met at the market. The neighbor looked just like a thief. It was written on his face that he was hiding something. He looked worried and couldn’t watch the man in the eyes.

“I knew it was him!” the peasant thought angrily. However, he wondered how to bring up the question about the stolen ax. “Still, I haven’t seen it with my eyes. How can I blame him directly? “

The man returned home, and the thought of the thief gave him no peace. Well, he’ll buy a new ax. But it may be best to take the matter to the judge.

Those thoughts made him a bit calmer and went back to his work. Suddenly he noticed something flashing in the grass. He bent down and what a surprise- he saw his the ax blade. It must have rolled over from the pile of wood and remained hidden between the tall grasses.

“Well, I am so happy I found it!” The peasant rejoiced. “I won’t have to buy a new one, and I won’t ruin my relationship with the neighbor.

The following day, when the man walked past the “thief”, he was once again his previous neighbor – a good and honest man. He was nothing like a thief; his face was calm and cheerful. He was doing something in his garden. “He’s probably too busy with his flower-beds and cannot see me passing. Otherwise, he would surely say ‘Hi'” thought the peasant and continued walking.

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