Learn How To Manifest Your True Identity With Positive And Deliberate Actions

One smile can change your soul and two smiles can change the world.

your closest friends that you should be positive too.

It is really important to remember that your true aim is to look for the positive change in your life. The only true way of doing this is by positive actions. You cannot be looking for the positive side of you and keep frowning and have the negative insight towards life. You must learn to be as positive as possible and the others will surely see the change in you.

Once in a while you need to sit back and relax, look deep inside your true new self and ask yourself what is the next positive and good think you can achieve. It is important to adopt a positive attitude towards others and to start scattering your new positive ideas just by doing positive things for others.

The right place to start doing this is in your own little outside worlds. This world consists of your closest friends and family. Since you are certain that these people are really close and supportive, they form the right and perfect environment for you to start planting your positive ideas and actions.

It is not as hard as it seems like. In fact, it is really easy. You may start by simple but deep conversations with your close ones. You will certainly feel, as the conversation goes on, the places where the inhabitants of your outside world need some more positivity. Think about this. Give them a piece of positive advice. Be helpful and supportive. Helping others is the true way for you to manifest you true positive self. When you are positive to others they will surely notice the change you have done with yourself. They will also be very grateful and maybe you will succeed in planting the seed of the good change in their souls. If you do, this will certainly make your new identity stronger than before.

However, it is not only your closest friends that you should be positive too. You must do this with everyone. If you want to live a positive life in this world, you have to be positive to the entire world, even when it seems unfair. Be the change you want to see in the world. Be kind and charitable. Help the uneven. There is certain risk thou! When some people see that you are trying to be as helpful and as positive as possible, they may want to take advantage of this. They may start asking you for too many favors, for example. That is why your positive actions have to be deliberate. Don’t let others use your new identity for their own sakes. There will certainly be such people. Just ignore them. You should not feel bad about this. On the contrary – try to talk to these people, try to help them also find the positive person we all hold deep inside.

your closest friends that you should be positive too.

Think about every good and positive thing that comes to your mind. Will it help you become better? Will it help you manifest your new self? Will it help others understand you better? Will it help the others become better; will it help them in their own search for identity? You have to answer all these questions before committing yourself to a new good and positive action. If you want to be a positive person, you have to bring positivism and good vibrations in other people’s lives. You need to learn how to make others smile – it is as simple as that. One smile can change your soul and two smiles can change the world. That is why it is essential for a positive self to learn how to make a positive change. Even the smallest things count. Be polite, be charitable, be outgoing and smile a lot. Everyone will see the positive change in you. Positive actions are the best way of manifesting your new true identity to the world. And for those who do not know you – they will only see the reborn self of you. The person who has that look on his face that is so rare nowadays. You will hold the spark of positivism, the willingness to help anyone in need, the ability to be a good person. All this is hard to find in the times we live in, and you should not be afraid to manifest you true self – a unique and colorful self in this sad and gray world.

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