Stop Complaining [Parable]

Stop Complaining [Parable]

Things do not always happen THE WAY we want them to. They do not happen WHEN we want them to. And most importantly, they do not happen JUST BECAUSE we want them to! Talking and complaining is one thing, doing something is totally different… and trust us, the latter is way better. This next parable is proof for that!

Stop Complaining

“Master,” the student asked, “why are there so many obstacles that prevent us from achieving our goals, divert us from our chosen path, and make us feel weak?”

“What you call difficulties,” the teacher replied, “is actually part of your goal. Stop fighting this. Just think about these difficulties and take them into account when choosing your path. Imagine shooting a bow. The target is far away, a thick fog has come in, and you pretty much cannot see the target. Will you fight the fog? No, you will wait until the wind comes out and scatter it. Now you see the target, but the wind deflects your arrow. Now, will you fight the wind? No. You will simply determine its direction and change the angle from which you shoot. Your bow is big and heavy, and you don’t have the strength to stretch your bowstring to the fullest. Will you try to change it? No, you will train your muscles to gain more strength, and each time you will be able to draw your bow better than the last one.”

“Yes, Master,” said the student angrily, “but there are people who have a light and comfortable bow and always shoot in clear and windless weather.” Why should my shooting be that hard and full of obstacles? Why is the whole world resisting my movement forward?”

“Never look at the others,” smiled the teacher. “Everyone has their own bow, their own target, and their own time to take the shot. For some people, the shot becomes an accurate hit, and for others, it is an opportunity to learn to shoot.”

The teacher paused, leaned closer to his student, and continued quietly:

“Let me tell you a painful secret, my boy. The fog does not descend to the ground to prevent your shot, the wind does not blow to deflect your arrow, and the heavy bow is not created to make you realize how weak you are. All of this just happens. You have decided that you could hit the target in these circumstances. So, either stop complaining about the difficulties and start shooting or humble your pride and choose an easier target. One that you can surely hit.”

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