The Small Secret to Every Huge Success [Parable]

When I start working on something new, I first fast for a few days to calm my heart and soul.

The Small Secret to Every Huge Success

We often do things, just because we have to, and then wonder why the result is not as satisfying as it should be. We believe we do everything the way we should, but there is always something missing. This next parable will give you an answer to all these questions. It will show you how to reach perfection in anything you do because, after all, this is something we all strive for. Read it, and see how simple the answer actually is.

A carpenter was known for his skills in crafting exquisite objects. Everyone admired his creations. They were so beautiful and finely made that it was as if God himself helped with the crafting.

His glory as an unsurpassed craftsman was spreading very fast. The King heard about the man and was very eager to meet the famous carpenter and find out what his secret of making such beautiful objects was.

“Tell me, how do you create all this divine work?” The king asked. “There is something beautiful and unique about all your items that cannot be described in words. You must have some special secret that is unknown to other craftsmen. “

“Yes, I do,” the man said. – I have a secret. When I start working on something new, I first fast for a few days to calm my heart and soul. After three days of fasting, I no longer think about the remuneration I will receive for my work, and after the fifth day of fasting, I forget about honors and praise.

After seven days, everything around me ceases to exist. I even forget that I exist. All my spiritual energy and thoughts are directed only at my work, and they fill my whole being.

Only then do I go to the woods to pick the tree for my work. I roam there for a long time, looking at the trees, at their divine nature and searching for perfection. Then I start working, putting my whole heart into this work. I do it with love and strength, given to me by God. That’s the reason why the result is also divine.”

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