The Strongest Man on Earth [Parable]

The Strongest Man on Earth [Parable]

Love is a strange sensation. Once you have felt it, you just cannot run from it. In the hands of love, even the strongest person can become weak, and this next wise story will show you just that!

The Strongest Man on Earth

Once upon a time, there was a ruler who was keen to understand the essence of strength. So, he ordered his messengers to scatter all over the country and find the strongest man.

An award was also announced – the strongest man would get a wonderful horse and choose its colour- white or black.

The King’s task proved very difficult. The messengers went through many villages, even towns, remote mountain huts. They organized competitions and fights, but could not find the person who could undoubtedly be declare ‘the strongest one’.

The messengers were almost desperate and ready to quit, but they were also afraid to go back to the palace without fulfilling their king’s orders. Then, one day, they came to a village where they heard that a man as strong as a rock lived. They found his home and saw with their own eyes that the man was indeed very robust. His hands were like huge solid hammers, and as he stood before them, the royal messengers felt like little puppies in front of a huge, fierce dog.

They told him why they had come and assured him that they had never met a strong man like him before. However, they had to be sure that this was the right man, so they subjected him to three trials.

First, he had to bend a horseshoe with his bare hands. The man took it and immediately crushed it as if it was made out of soft clay. The second thing they wanted him to do was to pull a thick tree from the ground. The giant man did it without much effort.

The only thing left was the last trial.

“We can see that your strengths have no limits,” the messengers said, “but can you block the river? If you do that, we will announce you ‘the strongest man in the kingdom’.”

The man went to the river, took a huge river stone and placed it in the middle. He completed the last trial.

The messengers rejoiced that they had finally succeeded in fulfilling the king’s task and said to the man:

“You really are the embodiment of strength! Come with us to introduce you to the King. You are the strongest man in his lands. There, you will receive your prize – a wonderful horse from the royal stable. You get to choose if the horse will be black or white.

The strongest man prepared himself for the journey, and just before leaving with the royal messengers, a beautiful fragile woman appeared on the doorstep. She screamed after him in a threating manner:

“Husband! I heard about the award you are going to receive. Just so you know, I want a black horse! Don’t you dare take the white one, or you will regret it, I promise! You will have to deal with me once you are back, and trust me, you will be bitterly sorry!”

The royal messengers hesitantly turned to the fragile woman. At that moment, they once again started wondering if they had found the strongest man in the kingdom …

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