There is an Angel Inside of Me [Parable]

This parable is about inner-strength, and about how everything is possible if you just believe in yourself.

There is an Angel Inside of Me [Parable]

We often look at other people and admire how strong they are. We sometimes even get jealous, because we want the same things, but we believe we cannot achieve them. However, this is not true. This next parable is about inner-strength, and about how everything is possible if you just believe in yourself.

Once upon a time, there lived an angel who had beautiful, gleaming white wings – so bright, so light, that he was able to fly for a long time, without any troubles.

Once, as he was flying over Earth, the angel saw a man in need of help. He, of course, came down and helped the man.

The man thanked the angel many times and admired his wings. Then he asked the angel to touch them. The angel allowed him. As the man was an ordinary worker and made a living with his two hands, they were dirty, and there was little speck left on the angel’s wings.

But one a little speck was nothing for the angel- he didn’t even notice it. As he prepared himself to take off, the man asked for help for one more thing. The angel could not refuse such a kind man and helped him again. The man again thanked the angel and caressed his wings.

And so they became friends because the man had many problems and it was no issue for the angel to solve them quickly and easily.

The man was always grateful and always caressed the angel’s wings. Over time, the angel’s wings turned utterly black. The angel could no longer fly, and he had no time because he was busy helping the man. With time he got so used to doing that that he even forgot he was an angel.

That’s how they both lived. Until one day, another angel appeared in the sky. This angel, who was on the Earth, saw him, and began to dream that if he had wings, he would also fly and conquer the sky – he had forgotten entirely that he was an angel. The angel who was in the air saw his comrade and descended to the Earth to ask him why wasn’t he taking off and what was he doing among people. At that moment, the angel on Earth remembered his past, looked at his wings, and got horrified – they were as black as night.

He realized that all the dirt on his wings were problems and tasks given to man so that they could learn to solve them by themselves. Then he fluttered his wings, and all the dirt fell at the feet of the man. The two angels flew up into the sky, and the man admiringly watched their flight and dreamed that he could be like them.

But he was a human. He had a lot of problems, and he had to live on Earth to solve them. Thinking about that, the man started walking, and in his mind, there was nothing else but the flight of the two angels. He was continually thinking about them, dreaming that he could one day fly as well.

Then something interesting happened. He did not realize how he had stopped thinking about his problems, not because they had disappeared, but simply because they had begun to resolve themselves. All thoughts of the man were about the angels’ flight. It was this dream of his that gave him the power to go on. He was no longer afraid of the difficulties, and on the contrary, he gladly accepted the new challenges. With each new solved problem, he became more and more light, until finally, he noticed that his feet were walking along the road, barely touching the ground.

“What’s going on?” he thought to himself

“These are your wings!” an inner voice appeared.

“What does that mean? Am I also an angel?”

“Yes! You had just forgotten about it, and your problems were given to you so that your wings could appear again.”

The man was happy. Thus, another white angel appeared in the sky, and after him, more and more beautiful white angels rose into the air. There were so many of them. They were happy and felt great because they were able to fly.

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