There is Salvation Behind Suffering [Parable]

There is Salvation Behind Suffering - Parable

It is indeed true that sometimes the cruelty of the wise man is a way better option than the goodness of the foolish one. There is salvation behind suffering, and this is something we all need to remember. Fate may not always act the way we want it to, but everything happens for a reason, and every bad situation, has something positive in it. This parable is a proof for everything said above.

One day a man was riding his horse through a field. He saw that the peasant cultivating it had fallen asleep under a large apple tree. Suddenly, he noticed that a poisonous scorpion was crawling in the man’s mouth. The rider realized that if he did not do something instantly, the man would die from the scorpion’s poison.

He immediately jumped off his horse, approached the sleeping man, and began to hit him with his whip mercilessly. The peasant was startled and cried out in fear and pain. He looked at the rider with his eyes wide open and could not understand what was happening.

The uninvited guest knocked him down again and forced him to eat the rotten apples under the tree. Then the rider chased the man to the river and threatening him with his whip, forced him to drink some water in large sips.

“What did I do to you ?!” Cried the peasant. “Why are you beating me like that? Why are you torturing me!? Please let me go!”

The rider was adamant to the man’s requests. For several hours he did not stop torturing the poor man, forcing him to eat rotten apples and drink water from the river. Eventually, the peasant fell on the ground, exhausted and began to vomit.

At that moment, along with the rotten apples and the water, a scorpion came out of his stomach. Only then did the man realize that his tormentor was actually his savior. He began asking him for forgiveness for all the words and insults he had said in his address.

“If you had told me immediately what had happened, I would have accepted your treatment immediately!”

“I’m afraid that’s not the case,” the rider replied. “If I had told you that there was a scorpion inside you, you probably wouldn’t have believed me.” And if you had believed me, you would have panicked, thinking that you would probably die in a minute. So I had to act this way – cruel but wise.”

Having said that, the rider got on his horse and disappeared into the distance. The still terrified peasant continued to think about the words “cruel but wise.”

On the other side of the village, the owner of the neighboring field, watching the scene from afar, vividly told the people gathered on the square how a cruel and ruthless man tortured their friend. The peasants were outraged at the bottom of their souls and unanimously decided that the world was a very unjust place and that many cruel people lived there.

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