Where Does Evil Come from? [Parable]

Where Does Evil Come from, Parable
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We often say that something is bad, just because that is the common opinion. But is the gun a bad thing itself, or is the man that uses it for his bad purposes the real problem?! Read this next wise story if you have ever wondered what exactly does ‘Evil’ mean?

Once upon a time, there was a good, hardworking, and religious man. Every time he saw something inappropriate or evil, he wondered where the Evil in this world came from.

“Isn’t it right that God has created everything?!… God is good, right? ” He thought to himself.

One day he went to a famous sage, hoping that he would get an answer to his questions.

“Tell me, Master, where does Evil come from?” Is it from God as well?”

The sage answered:

The ax can cut the tree. It has the power to destroy it. But its handle is made of the same tree. It turns out that the tree gave her the ability to destroy it. But the tree itself is not the root of this evil. It is the way the tree is used. It is the same with people. God has given us strength, talents, reason. We are the ones that choose whether to turn them into Evil or Good.”

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