Words Are Not Enough; You Need Actions as Well… [Parable]

Words Are Not Enough You Need Actions as Well

There is a vast difference between words and actions, and we humans often forget that. This next parable is proof that if we want something to happen, we need to rely only on deeds.

A young man went to his spiritual mentor and said:

“Teacher, you advised me to repeat the phrase ”I accept joy in my life” in my mind…I say this sentence many times every day, and there were and still are no joys in my life. I’m still as lonely as I was before … What should I do?”

The sage silently took some random objects and laid them before the young man – a spoon, a glass, a candle. Then he asked:

“Tell me which one do you choose?”

“The spoon,” said the young man

“Say this out loud five times.” asked the sage

“I choose the spoon. I choose the spoon…” said the boy five times

“See?” asked the spiritual mentor, “Even if you say to yourself thousands of times a day that you have chosen the spoon, it does not make it yours. You need to reach your hand and grab it! Words are not enough; you need actions as well…

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